Questions from Presentation Today…

1. The presenters said that companies do not want to take on the risk of researching carbon sequestration methods. They then said that the risks were minimal. Are the companies just misinformed? Or are the economic/social risks larger than the presenters suggested? What are the risks?

2. What happens in 1,000 years or so when the CO2 starts leaking up from the ground? What are the environmental, social, economic consequences? Will we have another Lake Nyos on our hands? If so, can we consider sequestration a ‘sustainable’ option for controlling CO2 emissions?

3. Are there other methods for storing CO2 or is sequestration the only viable option?

4. How can we make it economically feasible for companies to start adopting carbon sequestration methods? What are the obstacles preventing the use of current technologies?

5. Wouldn’t it be better to invest more money in solar/wind energy (because they are sustainable sources) than to invest in carbon sequestration (because it requires use of fossil fuels and might do major harm in the distant future)?

These are just some of the questions/relfections I had at the end of the presentation today. Overall, I thought the presentation was pretty good. While it was an interesting topic, personally, I didn’t find it as compelling as some of the other issues we have talked about in class (that is not a reflection on the presenters, just on the topic).

Like I said in my last post, I didn’t know that we were supposed to have 2-3 entries per week (I thought it was per two weeks). I think it is going to be difficult to find 4-6 separate topics that I can really dig into and reflect upon every two weeks, but I am going to try harder from here on out.


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