St. Andrews

Yesterday, Ariel and I went up to St. Andrews for the day. It is probably the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen. Here are a few of the many photos I took:

I’m going to dinner tonight with my flatmates, and then I’ve got to come back and cram for my cinema final tomorrow. I still haven’t really realized that my exam is tomorrow. With all of the traveling and things I’ve been doing over the past two weeks, I kind of got into vacation mode. I’ve been so focused on trying to do everything I didn’t get done earlier in the semester that I haven’t done too much studying. At the same time that I am thankful that my exam was scheduled on the last day (because it opened up time for me to travel), it’s also kind of annoying. It will be nice to get it over with tomorrow and not have to worry about it anymore. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a lot of studying done tonight! Wish me luck! Until next time…



One response to “St. Andrews

  1. Do you love St. Andrews so much because the sun shines there?

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