Dear Scotland

Dear Scotland,

How can I put this delicately? I know that over the past weekend you received record snowfall and endured record low temperatures, but you need to pull yourself together. Three inches of snow does not exactly justify shutting down the campus cafes four hours earlier than usual. Negative 4 degrees Celsius (approx 24 degrees Fahrenheit) is really not that cold.

Let me make a recommendation. There’s this wonderful thing called a snow shovel. You use it to scrape the snow off the sidewalks before it melts and refreezes into one massive ice skating rink. After you shovel, you toss a layer of salt on the sidewalks. This makes it much easier to walk without slipping and falling on your butt. Sure, it may take a little effort, but it makes getting around a lot easier and safer for everyone.

I forgive you this time around, Scotland. I know this is new to you. But the next time it snows this much, I’d rather be able to walk on the sidewalk without wishing I had a pair of ice skates. Invest in some snow shovels and some salt. It’s for your own good.

Much love,



3 responses to “Dear Scotland

  1. Californians act the same way when there is a heavy rain. No one knows how to drive in it, so most everybody stays home.

  2. This Nebraska perspective thinks it is funny, too. Especially for only 3 inches and a not so cold temp of 24.

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