Thoughts on Yesterday’s Presentations

I found the scrap metal recycling presentation yesterday pretty interesting. I never thought about how big that particular industry is, or the science behind the recycling process. However, the presentation left me with a few questions…

  • What percentage of recyclable material is actually recycled? Is there a lot of usable scrap metal that just ends up in the dump?
  • What do they make out of the recycled metal? Are there restrictions on what can be made with it?
  • Is scrap metal recycling popular in other countries in the world? What about in underdeveloped countries?
  • And finally, a comment, I think this presentation hit on an important point that we often forget: sometimes the greener choice is the more economic choice. Going green does not always mean spending more money.

The lead presentation was also interesting, but it, too, left me with a few questions.

  • How does lead contamination affect the environment? Has it had any major effects on plant and animal life? If so, what?
  • Where does the new, fresh soil come from and what do they do with the contaminated soil?
  • How many greenhouse gases are produced in the process of identifying, studying, and ‘fixing’ contaminated areas?
  • How does Omaha compare to other cities in America? To foreign cities? To underdeveloped nations?

I found both of the presentations to be interesting and thoughtfully done. I liked everyone’s use of videos, I wish we could have found one for our presentation (I looked, to no avail). Everyone in the class seems really interested in the subject of green chemistry and sustainability, so I don’t think we’ll ever have a ‘bad’ presentation. I look forward to seeing more of them…


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