Lovely Scottish Weather

I would like to tell you the story of how my day went today.

This morning I woke up early intending to catch the shuttle up to campus. I wanted to take the shuttle mostly because I am lazy and tired of walking up to school, but also partly because my heel was hurting (I don’t know why, it hurt for the first week I was here and then stopped, then randomly started again this morning). It also happened to be pouring rain, so taking the shuttle seemed to be the best option. The posted sign for the shuttle says that it leaves at 9:20. I was walking to the stop at 9:16 when what do I see but the tail end of the bus disappearing down the street.

I would’ve run after it, but with my foot bothering me, I really didn’t feel like it. So I ended up walking to school (which takes about twenty minutes) with a bum heel in the pouring rain. I had my rain jacket on so my top half stayed pretty dry, but my jeans and backpack were drenched by the time I got to my classroom. The professor was a little bit late, so she kept us until 11 instead of letting us out at five till like she is supposed to so we have time to get to our next lecture. My second class starts at 11.

I walked as quickly as I could to my next class (which is conveniently across campus) and arrived just before the lecture began. Let me set the scene for you. My second class is my film class which takes place in the cinema on campus. The cinema has 140 seats. There are 140 students in the class. I was late. There is only one aisle to walk down. The lecturer was standing in the aisle, ready to begin. Plus, the rows are so close together that to get to the open seats near the wall, everyone in the row must stand up for you to squeeze past (it would be a lot simpler if people just filled in the seats closest to the wall first, but I guess the students in that class just aren’t bright enough to understand that). Anyway, you get the idea. Just after I sat down, the lecture began and the professor made a note to tell everyone to try to get there on time. I felt bad for being late, but what could I do?

After film class I wanted to go to the library to get some homework done. But of course the rain, which had let up in the break between my classes, was falling harder than ever. So I had to walk up to the library in the rain again, just after I had finally started to dry off from the first shower of the day. It’s 10:30 PM and my backpack is still wet.

Oh, and did I mention that this morning when I was drying my hair, my hair dryer decided to randomly start shooting sparks out of the part I was pointing at my head? Why? I have no idea. It was working fine up until today. At least my hair didn’t start on fire. Oh, and I have a cold.

So that was my day. I’m trying to ignore all of the annoying parts about the day and be thankful for the opportunity to study abroad (and take a film class), but I had to vent. I’ll try to post an update about my classes soon. And I’m going to London this weekend, so expect lots of pictures next week!



6 responses to “Lovely Scottish Weather

  1. Thanks. You are a terrific writer. Let the 1st teacher know that you will have to be leaving on time, and then go. Let the 2nd teacher know that you have to walk across campus from a class…. And, pay attention to that hair dryer. Maybe some one put a hex on it. Maybe it heard that you were at the J,K, Rowling place and is, in a fit of jealousy, trying to set your hair on fire. You have beautiful hair. Please don’t let that foolish dryer get it. 🙂

    • Yeah, I would talk to the teachers except its weird here and I never have the same teacher two days in a row. The lecturers switch off all the time. There is no one teacher for each class. It’s weird. Oh well.

  2. Ahoy, mate! I am herre, never ferre! what it do, main, what it do? john is a liar, i do not want to be a pony, and i was not slurring any of my words, he just didn’t think what i said was funny enough. I’ll take a scotch, if you’ll have a glass with me. Also, i am not, repeat, not the person who may or may not have hexed your shit.
    Hasta Pasta,
    Yours, Truly, Big Bother #2,
    Lucas M.

    p.s. – “bother” is not a typo. Later, hope you doin’ well, love ya.

  3. Megan, love your blog so please continue with it. Absolutely fascinating. Like your Dad said, you are a great writer! Hope today went much better, the sun shone bright, and your cold is on the mend! Very strange to hear about having a different teacher every day. That makes me want to laugh. Is there any consistency at all? London sounds wonderful and I have no doubt you will thoroughly enjoy. Wish I could join you for a cup of coffee or a spot of tea. Have some crumpets and tell us what they are like. All my love, Joyce

  4. Megan, Your mom told me about you studying abroad this semester and sent me your blog. I have never gone on one before. This was extremely interesting. I made it as far as Haggis Party. I hope you are enjoying your studies. This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Enjoy the experience.

  5. Megan, I hope you’re feeling better and that your sore foot didn’t cause you problems with your trip to London. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip.


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