Plants, Rain, Salsa, Rain, Open Mic, More Rain

On Sunday, I went to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens which are conveniently located just north of campus. The River Clyde runs through the Gardens, and we spent much of the afternoon exploring the paths along the river. Despite the fact that it cooled down and started to rain just after we got to the Gardens, I enjoyed the afternoon. I wish I had a bicycle to take down there for a ride. I imagine it would also be a great place for a picnic or a party (when it’s not raining of course).

Besides the paths and the river, the Gardens also has a couple of greenhouses. Inside the large glass house you see in the pictures below was a temporary exhibit of the National Scotland Bonsai Association (I’m not sure if that is its, but you get the idea). There was also a koi pond and a large circle of tropical plants. Across the way, in another greenhouse, was a large collection of tropical plants, orchids, trees, begonias, and more. I found a huge tomato plant, probably five or six feet, which I thought Mom and Dad would enjoy. I also found a mimosa pudica, or sensitive plant, whose leaves fold inward upon being touched or shaken. Check out the video to see what I mean.

After the Botanic Gardens, we went out to dinner on Ashton Lane which is a nice sort of alleyway near school with restaurants, pubs, and a cinema (comparable to the Old Market Passageway except outside and cooler). The food was good, but the service wasn’t the greatest. First our waitress seated us alone in the back, then she put my order in wrong, then I had to order something else because they were out of what I originally ordered, she never came back to check on us at all during our meal, we had to flag down another server to get our check… Long story short, I don’t think I’ll go back to Ubiquitous Chip. Oh well.

Other semi-interesting things I’ve done in the past few days:

  • attended a Salsa dancing lesson (interesting)
  • went to an Acoustic/Open Mic night at a club (fun!)
  • met my Principia Consortium peers
  • attended a club fair
  • went to an International Student lunch
  • went to a meeting for my film class
  • received my ID card
  • explored the library

Until next time…


P.S.- I should have mentioned in my last post that the poem being read is not in English but rather in Scots. Don’t worry, no one else in the room understood a word of it either.


One response to “Plants, Rain, Salsa, Rain, Open Mic, More Rain

  1. Megan, was mesmerized by the video of the sensitive plant. I think I watched them all. Thanks for posting that. Hoping you have more sunny days ahead and that you continue to live fullywith joy the remainder of the semester in Scotland. Missing you here, Joyce

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