3 responses to “Photographs

  1. Beautiful photos, Megan! Glad you are settling in OK. Love, Aunt Mary

  2. Love these pictures! Thanks. Can tell by your jacket that you are not experiencing summer weather. What is the temperature? I looked up Glasgow on the map again last night. You are really far north! North of Moscow even. Yikes! What does it drop to at night right now? Keep posting, your blog is fun. Love, Joyce

    • It’s actually really lovely weather here. I probably just jinxed it by writing that, but it’s been generally sunny and in the 60s. I tend to wear my jacket because I have to walk everywhere and I don’t want to get caught in the rain without a jacket. (They recommend jackets with hoods rather than umbrellas, since as the study abroad adviser put it, “Umbrellas are not very useful, since the rain tends to come horizontally.”) So far, it’s only rained once, but I’m sure that will change.

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