I Made It!

Just thought I’d write a quick post letting you all know that I made it here to Scotland. My trip was relatively uneventful except for the fact that my plane from Chicago to London was delayed over an hour (due to some burnt out lightbulbs and scratches on the plane). That was fine with me though, as I still had to wait over three hours at Heathrow. When I got to Glasgow, for a minute I thought my baggage hadn’t made it. Then I realized that there were two baggage claims, one for trips that started in the EU and one for trips that started outside the EU. I was standing at the wrong one. Anyway, I got that sorted out, found the bus to the University, checked into my dorm, met my one roommate (for now, more are to come), went to the grocery store, and then crashed. Now, I am going to go try to find a way to get to the local ‘Target’ to buy some things (this should be an adventure since I don’t even know the name of a Target-like-store or where one is located). Wish me luck! More later.



One response to “I Made It!

  1. I am glad you made it safely…which is sometimes the biggest hurdle! Now to enjoy yourself!


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