Welcome to Blog 3.0

So, if you read my older posts, you’ll see that this blog has taken on different forms in its relatively short life. I created it for an intro journalism class. Then I recycled it for a green chemistry class. Now, once again, I’m changing gears. Only this time it’s not for a class. As you may or may not know, I am spending this fall studying at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. I intend to use this blog to update family and friends on my adventures overseas. I will try to write fairly regularly, but since I don’t know my schedule yet (or if and when I will be traveling), I can’t say for sure how often. For now, welcome to blog 3.0

Whenever I tell people that I am studying abroad in Scotland, I usually receive the same response. The person gives me a funny look and asks, “why Scotland?” and usually follows that up with “they speak English there, right?” Let’s start with the first question. Why did I choose Scotland? Well, I always wanted to study in France, but as I looked at the available programs, I realized that I did not feel comfortable enough with my French skills to take university classes. And all of the programs that were in my price range (i.e.- to which my scholarship transferred) required participants to take many, if not all, of their classes in French. So my dream of studying in France came to a sudden halt. I still wanted to study abroad though, and so I began to consider other schools where I could take classes in English. I looked at studying in Sweden, the Czech Republic, and (not very seriously) Korea. I thought very seriously about studying in Stockholm, but ultimately, I knew that I wanted to study in a country where I could speak the language both inside and outside of the classroom. That left me with two options: Limerick, Ireland or Glasgow, Scotland.

I’m not entirely sure why I chose Glasgow over Limerick. For some reason, Limerick didn’t appeal to me and I never even researched it. Glasgow did appeal to me, though, in part because it is offered through Creighton’s Honors Program. The program that I will be attending in Scotland is called Principia Consortium. Creighton’s Honors website explains, “Creighton University’s Honors Program is part of a consortium of sixteen other private liberal arts colleges from across the United States whose Honors students will also be a part of the Honors at Glasgow semester program.” This, along with the fact that the University of Glasgow has a large international student population aside from the Consortium, intrigued me. So I applied and here I am. Plane leaves on Friday.

I find it funny, and kind of surprising, that everyone’s second question to me is, “they speak English there, right?” At first, I thought people were just joking. Then I realized that they were seriously asking. I’ve also been asked where the country is located. Seriously America, you need to do a little better with the whole teaching-our-children-basic-geography thing. Sure, I didn’t know precisely where Scotland was located before I Googled it, but I knew the general area. So, if you’re wondering, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. It lies above England (on the same island) and to the east of Ireland. And yes, they speak English there. Although I’ve been told that I won’t be able to understand anyone on account of their heavy accents.

Anyway, I’ve written way more than I intended, so I think I’ll stop for tonight. Hopefully, I’ll have time to write a little post about my expectations and whatnot before I depart Friday…



One response to “Welcome to Blog 3.0

  1. Hey Megan! So hopefully I’ll meet you in the real world very soon, but I’m here in Glasgow and surprisingly enough, the accents aren’t that hard to understand! I have a feeling they slow down when they hear an American accent, but so far so good! See you soon!

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