Bike Omaha

I bought a bike (used, off Craigslist, yay recycling!) at the beginning of last summer intending to ride it to work all summer and possibly to school in the fall. Sadly, that did not happen; I was (and am) just too pressed for time. I’ll admit that laziness is part of the problem, too. Anyway, even though I don’t do it often, cycling has been a growing interest of mine for the past couple of years. When I went to school in California, I was surprised to see most of the streets had bike lanes. And it wasn’t uncommon to see bicycle commuters pedaling along beside cars. It seemed like almost everyone on campus had a bike. Now that I am back in Omaha, it seems like bicycling is growing in popularity. Maybe it’s just because I am noticing it more, but it seems like there are more cyclists on the streets. Here is a cool blog about biking in Omaha. The first article I read on it was about a bike-powered blender. Now that’s what I call cool. Here’s a link to my favorite local bike store, Olympia Cycle. It’s a must for any Omaha cyclist. They sell everything you could possibly need: bikes, apparel, helmets, tires, gloves, saddle bags, you name it, they’ve got it. And they repair bikes and do tune-ups too! And, they are a local business. I really don’t know how you get more environmentally friendly than Olympia Cycle.

I think cycling is a great activity, especially in term of commuting. You get a good workout, get to see the loveliness of both nature and the city, and lessen your carbon footprint! Not to mention, bikes are just cool (I mean, the design of Bianchi bikes is beyond compare). I am going to make it a goal to start riding to school/work at least of couple of times per week next spring. I figure it would be a little silly to try to start that now since winter is coming. I don’t have winter riding gear, or a particularly good bike for that matter. So I plan to start when the snow disappears next spring. Even if I can only manage to ride once a week, I think that’d be a good start. It would definitely be more exercise than I get right now.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a good weekend!




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