Thought of the Day…

I wonder how many trees, how much space in landfills, how much energy, etc. we could save by eliminating the entire wrapping paper industry and demanding that people use old newspapers to wrap their gifts. (Include in this thought ribbons, bows, gift bags, crepe paper, and every other silly little trapping that goes along with wrapping gifts.) What difference could we make if we did this for one year? For five? For ten?

And on that same note, how much food, packaging, space in landfills, energy, etc. could we save if people didn’t insist on making way more food than necessary during the holidays? It seems like everyone always has a million leftovers, which when you think about it, are completely unnecessary. How much of that goes to waste? How many poor Christmas cookies and fruitcakes end up in a landfill somewhere, totally wasted?




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