Green Jays

I attended a Green Jays meeting tonight. Only five people showed up (including me). Kind of disappointing. Granted, it was just the off-campus group, but Patrick said they had around twenty people at the last meeting. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting more involved with Green Jays; it sounds like they have some great ideas.

We talked about building a community garden at Sienna Francis House. They already have two beds, but they are in desperate need of cleaning. So Green Jays is planning to organize some volunteers to go clean out the beds and construct a couple of new ones. This should happen sometime within the next couple of weeks. Then, all we have to do is wait until spring so that we can help the Sienna Francis House plant vegetables!

The other topic of discussion was the Pizza and Advocacy meeting which will take place Friday (I think). We are going to be recording short video clips of people saying why they care about the environment. These will then be posted on a website (that I forget the name of) for all the world to see!

That’s all for now.




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