Food, Inc.

I enjoyed the presentation on waste management in the food industry on Friday. I find the food industry to be a fascinating topic, and it fits right in with green chemistry and sustainability. This summer, I watched a documentary called “Food, Inc.” that provided an incredibly interesting look at the way Americans get their food. I don’t have a lot of time right now, but perhaps I will post something later about the film and my thoughts on it. One interesting note, the film talks extensively about a chemical company called Monsanto that manufactures the weed-killer Round-Up and that basically has a monopoly on the soybean business (because of its creation of a Round-Up resistant soybean). When we were going over the “500 Greenest Big Companies in America” list the other day, I noticed Monsanto was on it. Interesting.

Here is the trailer for “Food, Inc.” I recommend you watch the trailer, and then go rent the film when it becomes available.


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