Final Cut Pro

We started using Final Cut Pro in class a couple weeks ago. I am enjoying learning to use this program. It’s definitely a lot more fun than Photoshop or InDesign. I don’t know if I like it better because the program is better or because the medium is video. Probably some combination of the two. Final Cut’s easy enough for a beginner like me to pick up, but it also seems like it has everything a professional would need to edit a real film (hence the title Final Cut Pro).

I’m thinking about possibly working in the film industry after college, so learning Final Cut is actually relevant. I declared a film studies minor earlier this week. It’s pretty much the only structured option at Creighton for students interested in film (and by ‘structured’ I mean ‘recognized by the university,’ the film studies minor is still pretty loose, it is a interdisciplinary minor heavy on the screenwriting and film appreciation sides and light on the technical production side). Creighton doesn’t have a film major. I wish it did. Still, learning Final Cut has been fun. I kind of wish we had something more interesting to work with than sports highlights though… Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I take Video Production (which I couldn’t get into for next semester because I hadn’t yet declared my Photojournalism major, whoops). Here’s a link to Apple’s tutorials for Final Cut, check ’em out. That’s all for now.



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